Mississippi Right to Life held a press conference with several other organizations about the Jackson Women’s Health Organization and the fact that their reporting to the Health Department makes no sense. We had filed ANOTHER inquiry with the Health Department this spring and got a letter from the Mississippi Health Department recently stating that they once again did not find any problems with the reporting the JWHO sent in. That is just another time they have told a number of organizations there were no problems at JWHO.

For several years now we have been trying to get answers to questions we have about the report that the Mississippi Department of Health releases each year on abortion. Some of the numbers they report make no sense at all. Our vice president, Scott Fischbach, talked to a number of people at the Health Department over that time. He has been told they did not have the information he was asking for and would get back to him. Not only did he not get a return call, he was never able to get to that person again. The one piece of information he got was that all the information on the reports were all from JWHO. That was last year.

This year he again got passed from one person to another. A gentleman in the statistics department, when questioned about the lack of numbers for the RU486 abortions insisted that the clinic did not do any. Scott got JWHO on the phone while this Health Department employee was on the phone and the clinic confirmed that they did those abortions and could handle one that day. The response by the Health Department employee was that all he did was to put in the numbers he was sent, that was enforcement’s problem. Scott was not able to get hold of anyone in enforcement.

I am including with this a chart  to make it easier to see what we are talking about. The information comes from the Health Department website, copies also included. That chart includes the year, 2005-2011, the total abortions for that year with the number broken down for different types of abortions and the gestational age of the baby. I combined gestational ages to more easily compare to JWHO information.

I also have a copy of the webpage for the Jackson Women’s Health Organization fee schedule page. It shows the different cost by gestational age and shows that abortions 13-16 weeks are done by D&E, dilation and evacuation. Different types of abortion are used at different gestational ages.

JWHO reported almost every abortion they do is suction, yet their website shows that over 13 weeks they use D&E. They show 818 abortions in this gestational age in 7 years, but only 1 D&E.

Even though they advertise and told Scott they do medical abortions (RU486) they reported NONE in 7 years. Anecdotal information we get is that about 1/3 to ½ of their abortion are medical. They have to buy drugs, which cost over $100 for this and have a shelf life of about a year. It makes no sense that they would purchase drugs then have to throw them out all the time if they are doing no abortions using them.

They show 3070 “unknown” gestational age. Since they charge according to gestational age, as well as using different procedures, how do they not know the gestational age? I am sure they knew what it was to set a price. Are they doing this to cover for late term abortions which are objectionable to even many pro-choice people?

2007 JWHO reported 29 “unknown” abortion procedures. How do they not know what they did? Going back to cost, that alone should tell them what they did.

They show 7 abortions over 20 weeks, but their webpage does not show a price or procedure for that.
See:Fee Schedule

- Barbara Whitehead