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Cloning basics

The clone-and-kill agenda

The idea of cloning another human being is repulsive to almost every person. No one is advocating that clones should be developed to birth—at least not now—but scientists are advocating the creation and destruction of cloned human embryos before they are born!

Legislation advocating this type of “clone-and-kill” research is slowly spreading from state to state and is being promoted federally. Pro-life citizens must understand the facts behind the cloning debate so that we can successfully encourage policies and practices that reflect the value of human life in stem cell research

Cloning can be used for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Some embryonic stem cell researchers want to pursue human cloning. Cloning enables scientists to create cloned human embryos that are later killed as their stem cells are extracted. Cloning requires human eggs and the process of gathering them is dangerous to women.

Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) is cloning!

SCNT is the acronym for Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer / Transplantation. It is the generally recognized scientific term for cloning. It is sometimes used instead of the word “cloning” in order to mislead the public. Dolly the Sheep was created through the SCNT process. SCNT is used for both "therapeutic" and "reproductive" cloning .Don’t be fooled. Any piece of legislation that includes SCNT includes cloning. There are two uses for clones—both are unethical

There are two uses for clones created through the SCNT cloning process.

"Reproductive" cloning occurs when a copy of another human being is created through SCNT, allowed to grow up to 14 days in a petri dish, and then transplanted into a woman's womb to grow to birth. So far no one has done this but there is nothing in law or ethics that would prevent the practice one it becomes technically possible. Dolly the cloned sheep is instructive as to how close we have come.

So-called "therapeutic" cloning occurs when embryos created through SCNT are allowed to grow for a few days and then killed for their stem cells. Cloning advocates do not want the general public to understand that "therapeutic" cloning is in fact cloning. Cloning exploits women for their eggs and dehumanizes the human person by making very young humans the subject of leathal experiments.

SCNT or Cloning exploits women

SCNT trivializes the creation of new human life by denigrating it to a scientific process to create human embryos simply for research material. In addition, SCNT requires a large quantity of unfertilized human eggs. Egg donation is painful and potentially life threatening for women. It often victimizes the most needy women by providing large cash incentives.

Because not enough women are stepping forward to donate their eggs, there is a shortage of human eggs. Scientists around the world are using animal eggs to create cloned human embryonic stem cells. Known as "chimeras." These clones are 99% human and 1% animal—typically produced with rabbit, cow or sheep eggs. Animal/human hybrids are no longer a thing of fiction! Should medical treatments using these clones ever become a reality, it is unknown what side effects may occur. Likewise, if brought to birth, what form they might take.