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Federal Legislative Action Center

The National Right to Life Action Center is your best source for information regarding federal legislation. The easy-to-use Action Center's congressional scorecard explains current and past legislative issues and lists your lawmakers' voting records on the issues affecting life.

MSRTL reproduces the links here to provide you with the best available means of keeping current on life issues before Congress. It is important that you check in often. Legislation can be enacted on very short notice in Washington as the Obama administration pushes its aggressive anti-life agenda.

Call, e-mail or fax lawmakers

Note that while we have encouraged you to write to your member of Congress and U.S. senators in the past, due to security measures, a mailed letter is no longer an effective means of communicating with them. You must call, e-mail or fax them in order for them to receive your communications in a timely manner. Letters can take weeks or months to clear Capitol security.

Please contact lawmakers often to express your concerns and to offer thanks when they respond to your concerns.

There are currently many issues being pushed through Congress that have serious anti-life aspects. Please check the NRLC Legislative Action Center often for the current status of relevant legislation and amendments that could mitigate their harmful effects.